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          2016 Global Distributors Conference

          Theme: WITH YOU

          Time: April 26 - 27, 2016 (main conference: 9:00-10:30, April 26)

          Venue: Beijing Langham Place

          Overall Agenda

          Date Time Activities
          April 26
          (Conference day)
          9:00-9:30 Registration
          Group leaders meet with guests from Iran-Khodro Company (IKCO)
          International Division leaders met with representatives of distributors
          9:30-10:30 Main conference
          10:50-12:15 Dongfeng Passenger Vehicle Company Concurrent sessions of global distributors
          10:30-11:00 DongFeng media interviews
          12:30-13:30 Buffet lunch at hotel
          14:00-15:00 International Business Unit leaders met with representatives of distributors
          15:00-17:30 Concurrent sessions of DFAC global distributors
          13:30-17:30 Group talks between various teams and distributors
          13:30-17:30 Visit Auto China 2016 (Batch 1)
          April 27 9:00-16:00 Passenger vehicles outdoor test drives
          8:30-12:00 Visit Auto China 2016 (Batch 2)

          DFM holds 2016 Global Distributors Conference

          On April 26, 2016, DFM 2016 Global Distributors Conference themed "DongFeng goes with you" was held in Beijing. Leaders including Li Shaozhu, member of the Standing Committee and vice president of DongFeng Motor Corporation (DFM), representatives of DFM's global distributors from around the world, as well as representatives of DFM's overseas business units got together to explore the strategy of overseas business development.

          At the conference, DFM summarized its overseas business achievements in 2015 and deployed its key overseas work in 2016; launched its international site; commended its outstanding global distributors in 2015; and presented its new products to be launched abroad. Following the conference, representatives of global distributors were organized to test-ride the major models for 2016.

          As one of China's top three automotive groups, DFM sold 3.8725 million units in 2015, up 1.8 percent year on year, ranking second in China's auto industry; and achieved sales of 487.8 billion yuan, ranking 109th among Fortune Global 500 in 2015. DFM's brand value has reached 80 billion yuan.

          In 2015, DFM exported 49,200 units, completed the overseas certification of seven passenger models and 16 commercial models, established 52 new overseas sales outlets, and exported products to 70 countries and regions.

          2016 is the fifth year that we have held the conference. Over the past five years, DFM has taken an active part in global market competition, been committed to overseas business operation and management, product launch, network development and brand communication, worked with global distributors, exported a total of over 300,000 units, kept improving its capacity for globalized operations, and significantly enhanced its overseas brand influence.

          In the coming five years, DFM will stick to the principle of open cooperation and common development, and focus on optimizing the business layout, resource allocation and operation model and management mode of overseas operations, so as to achieve the healthy and sustained development of overseas operations. In 2016, DFM's overseas sales target is 50,000 units. To fulfill this target, DFM will focus on seven tasks as follows:

          I Accelerating overseas business development under the national strategy of "Belt and Road". DFM will seek industrial capacity and trade cooperation with partners in countries along the "Belt and Road", and constantly expand the export of commercial vehicles and passenger vehicles with the support of national financial policies.

          II Accelerating the construction and advancement of R & D, manufacturing and sales localization. DFM will conduct globalized industrial distribution and synchronous R & D worldwide based on its Swedish R & D center; and will give play to the role of its overseas sales company in sales localization and accelerate the advancement of industrialized projects.

          III Strengthening product preparation and synchronous certification. In the coming five years, DFM will gradually launch competitive products abroad, to further enrich its overseas product line and enhance its overseas brand competitiveness. DFM proposes to launch 17 new passenger models, including cars and SUVs; as well as new commercial models, including MDT, HDT, LDT, mini trucks and buses.

          IV Strengthening brand building and promotion. In 2016, the year of brand communication improvement for DongFeng, DFM will further perfect the strategy of overseas brand promotion, intensify brand promotion and enhance the leading image of DongFeng brand in overseas markets through overseas exhibitions, overseas advertising and distributor conference.

          V Further improving overseas channel capacity. DFM will constantly strengthen overseas sales supervision to improve its capacity for network marketing and its outlets' selling capacity; will accelerate the construction of overseas sales platforms to produce scale effects; and will offer policy support to distribution service outlets according to regional features to support the development of our partners.

          VI Further perfecting the after-sales service system. In 2016, DFM will further perfect its overseas service support system, accelerate the construction of its after-sales service information system, rapidly respond to customer demands and comprehensively enhance customer satisfaction; will strengthen after-sales service management, accomplish the effective coordination of after-sales services in all overseas units, send service teams to key markets, and carry out diversified marketing service activities; and will intensify training and guidance to distribution service outlets, standardize operation and management, and improve service capacity.

          VII Optimizing the coordination of strategic alliance resources. In terms of medium & heavy commercial vehicles, DFM will strengthen collaboration with Volvo in the global market, employing its overseas marketing network or KD assembly resources; in terms of passenger vehicles and LDTs, DFM will carry out all-round strategic cooperation with PSA, and the two sides will fully share and employ respective overseas sales service network and industrialization resources to achieve win-win.

          Overseas auto test drive

          Time: April 27, 2016

          Venue: Beijing Chaoyang Sports Centre

          Participating models:

          Sedans: New A60, Kai Chen R30;

          SUV: AX7、AX3

          SUVs: AX7、AX3

          MPV: S500、CM7

          MPVs: S500,、CM7

          No. Time Place Node
          1 7:30-8:30 Test drive site Vehicle and Equipment Commissioning
          2 8:30-9:30 Hotel - Venue Participants gather to set out
          3 9:30-9:50 Lounge,conference room on the first floor Test drive safety instructions
          4 9:50-11:30 Test drive site Test drives and interactive games (morning session)
          5 11:30-12:00 Lounge Morning lucky draw
          6 12:00-13:00 Lunch area in the lounge Lunch, questionnaires, picture-taking
          7 13:00-15:30 Test drive site Test drives and interactive games (afternoon session)
          8 15:30-16:00 Lounge Luck draw, taking group photo, counting guests
          9 16:00- Test drive site Customers returning to hotel / vehicle handover and clearing the site