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          New Dongfeng M5 Arrives!


          Versatile & Commercial

          Trendy & Stylish

          April 16,Official launch of New M5

          New M5 is upgraded in dimensions of exteriors, interiors and configuration, including graceful commercial MPV styling, comfortable driving experience and strong loading capacity, more powerful and versatile than the predecessor.

          Versatile & Commercial, Trendy & Stylish

          Lightning-shaped front face, creating a graceful and assertive styling.

          Delicate interiors, echoing with the eye-catching appearance!

          Graceful Commercial Styling

          Fantastic lightening-shaped front grille

          Ingot-shaped decoration

          Integral chrome-plated molding

          Various fashion elements


          Eye-shaped headlamp

          Delicate triangular front fog lamp

          Fashionable wheel hub


          Smart Space

          Flexible space combination,

          More intelligent and efficient!

          Body length up to 5135mm

          Wheelbase up to 3000mm


          Various Seat Combination

          Functions including folding, forward-tilting, folding-flat and longitudinal adjustment available

          9 seat combinations including 5 seats, 7 seats and 9 seats supported 


          Superlarge Loading Volume

          Long-slide seat: sliding distance up to 586mm

          Side-hung seat: maximum loading width up to 1060mm

          Minimum loading depth of 900mm

          Bench: superlong trunk area up to 933mm


          Superlarge Riding Space, Comfortable Driving Experience

          Riding height up to 960mm

          Driver’s leg room up to 860-1060mm

          Longest seat spacing in the class


          User-friendly Technologies

          Upgraded configurations to meet user’s demands

          More convenient and safer in detail design.

          More user-friendly and technically advanced!

          Silent & Green Riding Environment

          Overhead air conditioning

          Panoramic five-piece sunroof

          Central armrest box

          Aviation seats

          Upgraded NVH performance


          More Powerful

          Intelligent color instrument

          Directly controlled by steering wheel

          Fuel gauge, speedometer

          Front radar alarm

          Vehicle alarm & reminder

          Tire pressure monitoring



          More Convenient

          4 charging interfaces

          Convenient boarding handle

          One-button controlled window with anti-pinch

          55L fuel tank

          12V power outlet



          Front radar, rearview mirror heating, LED daytime running lamp


          Economical & Efficient

          Low fuel consumption, strong power, high efficiency!

          A smooth way to wealth!

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