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          Social Responsibility Concept

          Dongfeng,the nurturing east wind

          Dongfeng, the nurturing east wind” expresses the original intention, willingness and attitude ofDongfeng Motor Corporation to take social responsibilities. Dongfeng Motor Corporation is willing to drive the relevant parties to obtain self-worth and be actively committed to social harmony and environmental protection in order to achieve scientific development and sustainable development.

          Medium-term Action Plan of Corporate Social Responsibility – “Benefiting” Plan

          "Nurture" comes from "nurtured by wind and rain" in the firstchapter of Book of Changes, The Great Treatise, Volume 1, which can be interpreted as: "wind" means east wind while rain is from "life-giving east wind and seasonable rain". Thus, "nurtured by wind andrain" appeared.

          Meanwhile, "nurture" has new interpretation: the three dropsof the water on the left of the character stand for the three bottom lines of DFM’s classical theory of social responsibility, that is, DFM must take the most basic economic, environmental and social responsibilities. The character "Wang (king)" inside the character "Men (door)" on the right represents the traditional "king way" in Confucianism reflected in modern enterprise social responsibility, that is, DFM should value "virtue", "benevolence", and "harmony".

          The icon is designed in the form of stamp which has always beenused to show "trust" in China, expressing the solemn commitment and insistence in responsibility.

          Goals of "Beneting" Plan

          Implement the scientific concept of development, around the company "three wind" vision and "five" strategic planning, to enhance social responsibility management, social responsibility concepts into the company's strategy and the whole value chain management, the pursuit of economic, social, environmental and maximize the combined value of the humanities, is "stronger, building the strongest domestic and international first-class car manufacturers," the goal of contribution value, create first-class social image and social influence.

          Contents of "Beneting" Plan

          • 01

            Economic Responsibility

            touches people's livelihood and national co-prosperity

            Good faith compliance guarantee healthy development of enterprises,Build a safe operating environment for safe production Innovation to build national brands

          • 02

            Stakeholder responsibilities

            moist stakeholders with total growth

            Creating value for shareholders return Build a happy home for employees Providing customers with quality products As a partner to build a win-win platform

          • 03

            Environmental Responsibility

            Jun Li total harmony of nature and the environment

            Improve the environmental management Construction of green plant Production of environmentally friendly products

          • 04

            The social welfare responsibilities

            run US total of progress and social welfare

            Charity Management The implementation of public projects

          • 05

            Cultural Responsibility

            Run Baptist co-development of culture and civilization

            The feelings of culture And guide the healthy car culture

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