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          DFM A9 launched abroad, overseas direct selling to be practiced innovatively2016.08.25

          On August 24, the biennial international auto event-Moscow International Automobile Salon kicked off at the CROCUS Expo International Exhibition Centre....


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          Introduction: Moscow International Motor Show is a passenger vehicle exhibition in even-numbered years. Organized by the Association of Russian Automakers, it is the largest and most authoritative of its kind in Russia and CIS countries. With an exhibition area of nearly 120,000 square meters covering eight halls of Crocus Expo IEC, the 2014 edition attracted over one million visitors as well as major automakers from around the world, hitting a new high in both scale and influence.

          Exhibition Overview

          Time: August 24-September 4, 2016
          Media Day August 24 (8:00-18:00)
          Public Day August 25-September 4 (9:00-18:00)

          Venue:Crocus Expo IEC, Moscow

          Opening Ceremony of DongFeng Booth & Launch Ceremony of A9

          10:30-11:00 Media/guest sign-in

          11:00-11:02 An opening speech by the host/hostess

          11:02-11:05 Play of DongFeng's creative promotional video

          11:05-11:11 Introduction to A9

          11:11-11:17 Brilliant appearance of A9

          11:17-11:20 Launch of A9 and group photo taking

          11:20-12:00 Media interview and tea break

          Participating models

          Participating models

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