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          DFM Moves into Algeria
          AX3 Opens "New Life Plus" in its Debut


          AUTO Expo Algeria, a great annual auto event in North Africa, kicked off on March 17, 2016 as scheduled. Under the theme of "with you", DMF appeared brilliantly with a strong...

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          Auto Show

          Founded in 1998, AUTO Expo Algeria is the largest, influential and popular annual professional exhibition in North Africa.

          AUTO Expo Algeria 2016 has the largest exhibition area, as well as the most exhibitors and visitors ever. With a total exhibition area of nearly 100,000 square meters, the exhibition covers 20 halls of SAFEX this year, bringing together nearly 200 auto enterprises from more than 20 countries, as well as over 550,000 visitors, including local government officials, association members, regional distributors of auto brands, professional buyers, dealers, local customers, and customers in neighboring countries and regions, etc.

          Exhibition Overview

          Time:March 17-26, 2016

          Venue:SAFEX, Algeria

          DFM Booth

          ·Theme:WITH YOU

          ·Location:Indoor booth (816m2), Hall A

          Schedule of the launch ceremony of AX3
          An introduction to strategic model AX3
          New model launch ceremony
          Car viewing/art show
          Media interview

          AX3 A30 AX7 H30 CROSS JOYEAR X5 K02 GLORY 330 K01 V21 V22

          Watch the show