South Bronx Head Start - Early Childhood Multicultural Educational Program
Online Pre-Registration is available for 2015-2016 school year !
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Head Start Program for Low Income Families.
South Bronx Head Start is a bilingual early childhood educational program that provides a warm, safe environment for children 3 to 5 years of age. We cater to children of all abilities.
Our staff is highly qualified for working with this particular age
group. We are always furthering our education through taking a variety of classes and attending various workshops throughout the year. South Bronx Head Start offers a commendable mixture of male and female teachers allowing children to experience education from various different perspectives. Each classroom is equipped with two teachers, each teacher making it his or her priority to have a personal relationship with each of the children.
We want all of our children to learn the skills necessary to be successful in their lives. Children learn these skills using the Highscope Pre-School Curriculum. We also place a huge emphasis on family and its importance. We work with families around the neighborhood. We believe that if the right tools are made available to the community, we can all overcome the everyday struggles and push our way to the top.
For weather emergency closures South Bronx Head Start is closed when NYC Public Schools are closed!
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