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          • The Volvo Ocean Race

            (VOR) 2017-2018

            Rooted on the Whitbread Round the World Race, the VOR is one of the toughest international sports events with the longest duration, known as the best team-based ocean race, as well as an “unofficial world champion race”. Each fleet navigates the uniform race ship with at most 11 professional seamen and competes against one another through a 9-month “global marathon on the sea”, the winner of which will definitely be the world-best sailors.

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          • 1Alicante,Spain2017.10.20-11.4
          • 2Lisbon,Portugal2017.11.6-11.11
          • 3Capetown,South Africa2017.11.30-12.17
          • 4Hongkong,China2018.1.13-2.11
          • 5Guangzhou,China2018.2.4-2.10
          • 6Auckland, New Zealand2018.2.27-3.18
          • 7Itajai,Brazil2018.4.5-4.22
          • 8Newport,USA2018.5.8-5.20
          • 9Cardiff,UK2018.5.26-6.10
          • 10Goteborg,Sweden2018.6.15-6.25
          • 11Hague, Netherlands2018.6.26-7.1

          Lisbon, Portugal

          Auckland,New Zealand

          Auckland, New Zealand


          Newport, USA


          Cardiff, UK


          The Dongfeng Race Team

          The Dongfeng Race Team is a professional ocean fleet, composed of both international seamen and Chinese seamen. In the VOR 2014-2015, the Team got the good performance of No.3, amazing the sailboat fans of the world, which inspires the Team’s continual battle in VOR 2017-2018 to rush to the final victory of the race.